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กกกกA-L Tonic Capsules


Side effects of chemotherapy and radiation are always so tremendous that a great portion of patients have to give up. Now with the help of A-L Tonic Capsules, the chemotherapy and radiation become more tolerable and effective.

A-L Tonic Capsules is among the Protected Traditional Chinese Medicinal Product, P.R.C for its excellent treatment effect.
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A-L Tonic Capsules
Permission No.Z62020987
Main IngredientsAstragalus membranaceus, Ligustrum Lucidum
Main function1. Improve the function of body immunity:
a. Increase the amount of Tc, Th, CD3, CD4 and decrease Ts.
b. Induce the production of interferon
c. Inhibit tumorous development and accelerate body recovery
2. Ascend to hemocyte and protect bone marrow: Relieve the bone marrow depresion induced by chemotherapy & radiation and thus increase WBC and Hb.
3. Protect and improve adrenal cortical function.
Therapeutic RangeCancer patients under radio- or chemotherapy treatment
Administration & DosageTake orally, 6 cap * 2 times/day
32days/course, apply during the whole radio- or chemotherapy treatment period
Adverse Reactions & precautions1. No known side effects.
2. Quickly cover after use since A-L Tonic Capsules damps easily.
Stands on TCM Theory 1. Reestablish vital energy
2. Reinforce qi and invigoratte yin
3. Act as an auxiliary anticancer drug for supporting operation, radiotherapy or chemotherapy to accelerate the recovery of normal functions.
Experimental StudiesA. Immuno-augment effect of Astragalus membranaceus and Ligustrum Lucidum
B. Influence of A-L Tonic Capsules on experimental hepatocarcinogenesis and development in rats (Abstract)
Clinical ResultsA. Long-term follow-up of cancer patients showed that the 10-year survival rate was higher in patients who received A-L extracts in combination with radiation or chemotherapy than patients who received radiation or chemotherapy only. Protection and promotion of recovery of bone marrow and adrenal cortical function were also observed during and after radiation or chemotherapy
B. Clinical observation: A - L Tonic Capsules combined with chemotherapy in treating cancers
PriceRMB1225/course (48cap * 8bottle for 32days), US$188Buy now!

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